Infeasibility Testing


In CPLEX we have option to detect conflicting equations and/ check infeasibility of the model,if any. I am using Clp solver. Is there any option to do aforementioned task?


As far as I know this functionality is usually wrapped by the core C wrapper for each optimization program. Therefore, if the functionality exists I’d think you’d be able to find it in CPLEX.jl. The function call to it probably very closely resembles the function call in the original C API.


Well, CPLEX.jl is suitable for CPLEX Solver.Is there any provision in Clp solver to detect causes of infeasibility? Please let me know.


Sorry, I thought you meant you were using CPLEX. Well, the same thing applies, Clp.jl is probably a low-level wrapper of the Clp library, so you will have to check the Clp documentation. Apparently Clp recommends you build doxygen, which is rather a pain especially if you are not using the source code, which you probably aren’t, so they have rather lousy documentation. Perhaps someone who is familiar with Clp will chime in.

Looking here it seems there are several feasability related functions. You may have to dig through Clp a bit to figure out how best to call them.

For what it’s worth, I’m fairly confident that GLPK is the most widely used and supported open source solver. Figuring out these sorts of things would probably be easier using GLPK.