IncorrectCallArgs warning when using outerjoin() in VSCode linter

In VS Code, I am getting a warning whenever I use outerjoin() on two DataFrames. For example, I get an error using the following example from the documentation:

name = DataFrame(ID=[1, 2, 3], Name=["John Doe", "Jane Doe", "Joe Blogs"])
job = DataFrame(ID=[1, 2, 4], Job=["Lawyer", "Doctor", "Farmer"])
outerjoin(name, job, on = :ID)

Is this the right place to report something like this?

What is the warning you get? I checked your code and I do not get any warning in VS Code.

Sorry, it’s not a warning thrown by Julia. The last line of the code is underlined in blue in the editor, and when I hover over it, it says “Possible method call error”.

Yes - I assumed it was a VS Code warning. However, I do not get the “Possible method call error” warning in my VS Code.

Maybe @pfitzseb can have more insight on this issue.

Is it only outerjoin or any DataFrames-specific function? Might be one of those cases where the package is not in the environment from which the linter is taking exported functions?

No, this is happening because outerjoin is re-exported basically. We can’t find any methods for it.

I’d recommend disabling that lint rule, btw. There are way too many false positives for it to be useful.

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Are there plans for improving it? In theory it seems like a really nice thing to have, but I agree as it stands it’s not very helpful.

Eventually yes. I don’t currently have a lot of time for extension development though, unfortunately.