In Julia >= 0.7, will the package "Missings.jl" still be needed or will it be part of core?

Hello, I tough that the functionality that the package Missings.jl currently provides for Julia 0.6 (the Missing type in substitution of NA from older DataFrames packages) would be in core starting from Julia 0.7/1.x, and I was going to suggest to the package maintainers to clarify that in the package title/readme (i.e. “Missing value support for Julia 0.6”), but then I found bug reports that refer to “Missings.jl” for julia 0.7, and I am now a bit lost.

In Julia >=0.7, other packages that use Unions with the Missing type, would still they need to add/use the Missings.jl package, or not ?

The link just points to the main github page, it is unclear which issue you mean.

But regarding the question: while the type Missing will be in Julia v0.7, the Missings.jl package has extra convenience functions. If you look at the source, you will see that almost everything else is (will not be) not executed on v0.7.

Thank you, I got it. The type is in core, and the separate package remains for the few additional functionalities, so most other packages will NOT need to use the package Missings.jl, unless they specifically use the added functionality.
I think it would be useful to specify it in the readme.
(I removed the link, my question wasn’t specific to it)

I think this should be worth opening an issue.

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Done (although my English is so-so…):