In DataDrivenDiffEq, how to get SINDy results as an array of numeric coefficients?

I would like to obtain the result of a SINDy model fitting as an array of coefficients I can convert to Float64. I can do this in PySINDy with the function ``model.coefficients()‘’, which will return the weights in order corresponding to each basis function.

I can’t find out from the documentation or any examples I searched for on Github how to do this in DataDrivenSparse; for example, let’s say I assign the solution of a DataDrivenProblem to a variable called results''. If I use get_basis(results)‘’ it returns the Basis Object, but then if I do ``parameters(get_basis(results))‘’ I get some weird array of symbols, not the actual numbers. Does anyone know the correct routine?

I just figured this out; one can use get_parameter_values(basis).