Import/using double dot in IntervalArithmetic?

My code currently uses both Makie/CairoMakie and the IntervalArithmetic package, and I used the a..b quite a lot in the calculation part of the code to define intervals. Problem is, on a fresh start of julia,

using CairoMakie
using IntervalArithmetic
r = 0..10

does not work due to

WARNING: both CairoMakie and IntervalArithmetic export ".."; uses of it in module Main must be qualified


using IntervalArithmetic: ..

also fails with a syntax: incomplete: premature end of input error. While I could use some regex to replace all foo = a..b to foo = interval(a,b), is there a way to import the double dot of the IntervalArithmetic package into main? Thanks!

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Looks like one may use parenthesis, e.g. using IntervalArithmetic: (..)

ref: src

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