Import google groups emails?

Would it make sense to import the google group emails of julia-users and julia-dev into here to allow searching everything in one place? Is that even possible?

From the original announcement:

We are not doing an automated migration, because we want to give people the choice of opt-in; as such, we won’t move over previous content or previous accounts.

From a technical perspective it would have been possible, but it would have made the transition a lot more complicated.

One of the core ideas of mine for the transition was that it should be a soft transition between Google Groups and Discourse and that users have time to try out the new platform before we switch. Importing previous content would have made it a hard switch.

Yes, that is definitely a good strategy. Maybe when (and if) the move has been completed, the import can be reconsidered, to facilitate searching of and linking to old posts.

Personally, I think the clean break is better. We can still link to posts on Google Groups and any content there that proves particularly valuable to have around can be moved over in a more curated fashion. Volume is the enemy of effective search.