Implement the material point method (MPM) in julia, idea, collaborate, recommendation

Hello, everyone!

I’m a Ph.D. student studying underground engineering in China.
Currently, I want to implement a THMC simulation model for an underground repository. I want to implement it using MPM, and I want some help from the community. The most relative material I can find using Julia in the MPM implementation is the following one.

Do you have any experience with Julia in this area, maybe you can give me some guidance or material.
(I plan to use Julia 1.0, so less dependence is preferred)

I know that there is already lots of code implementing the finite element method (FEM) in Julia which can help me a lot. I’m curious about the difference between JuAFEM.jl and JuliaFEM.jl though, and which one do you think can be modified for Julia 1.0 with fewer efforts?

Thank you!

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Hello friend I am from UK, and doing the MPM as well. Can we have a chat? my email:

Did you simulate something in Material Point Method using Julia? i’d like to use that too. Maybe you have some examples. Kind regards.