I have the impression that currently only one Julia package exists for the purpose of equivalent-circuit fitting, which is: EquivalentCircuits
And there some around in the Python world. One of them is impedancefitter.
What I like is its ability to facilitate the parameter estimation for arbitrary equivalent circuit models.
Unfortunately, the installation via:

using Conda; Conda.add("impedancefitter")

And a search under:

fails as well.
Is there a chance to get this package into operation under Julia?

I manged to use the package by means of PyCall under Linux (Ubuntu 22.04.3),
unfortunatly I failed to install it via [PythonCall](


if Sys.iswindows()
    dir_conda = raw"C:\Users\user_accout_name\.julia\Conda\3"
    dir_conda = "/home/user_accout_name/.julia/conda/3"
ENV["CONDA_JL_HOME"] = dir_conda
using Conda; const Conda.ROOTENV = dir_conda
Conda.pip("uninstall", "impedancefitter")
Conda.pip("install", "impedancefitter")
import Pkg;"PyCall") # this will (re-)build as well "Conda"
exit() # restart julia

It might be that the configuration of CONDA_JL_HOME and Conda.ROOTENV can be omitted,
in my installation Conda.ROOTENV had a strange content.
If you need to configure both variables the folder dir_conda is the root folder of conda
which is part of your Julia installation.
The executables python and python3 should be located in the sub-folder “bin”
of that folder.

Sample Script:

And here a small sample script to plot the scheme of an equivalent circuit diagram:

using PyCall
impfit = PyCall.pyimport("impedancefitter")
# --- circuit_model_preset = "R1-[C2,R3-[C4,R5]]" ("EquivalentCircuits.jl"-notation)
model = "R_f1 + parallel(C_f2 + parallel(C_f4, R_f5), R_f3)"

# --- draw / plot equivalent circuit diagram via