downsizes images

I am using Julia 0.5.2 (Ubuntu 16.04) and recently has started downsizing PNG files (by half). Neither help or searching through sources reveals the “options” that can be used to go back to the old behaviour of preserving the image array size when being saved. Any help will be appreciated.

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Do you have the ImageMagick package installed? If yes, this behavior should not happen and we might have introduced a bug.

Also, can you try to checkout the master branch for Images.jl? There is one more PR merged there that should prevent this behavior even if you don’t have ImageMagick.jl installed.

Yes, I do have ImageMagick installed. I am not sure how to use the master branch of Images.jl. I will look into it. Thanks.

Updating to master fixed it. Thanks.

Ok, hopefully we can tag a new Images.jl soon.