Images.jl spacing, orientation

Hello in the Quickstart of the Images.jl there is a sentence

 The AxisArrays package supports rich and efficient operations on such arrays, and can be useful to keep track of not just pixel spacing but the orientation convention used for multidimensional images

Hovewer I am unable to find functions that show this support for example
I have 3d image with given spacing and orientation.
a) I want to change the orientation of the image
b) I want to resample image to different spacing
c) I want to rotate image taking into account spacing and orientation

Is any of a,b or c possible in Images.jl/AxisArrays.jl ?

Thanks for help !

From what I recall, that is not possible. But people who maintain Images.jl/AxisArrays.jl can correct me if I am wrong.

You may benefit from the geospatial stack we are building, which supports these rotations and changes of spacing along each dimension. Check chapter 5 of the book for rotation examples:

Thanks! I will dig into it, by the way, would it be beneficial for you in geospatial stack to display 3d objects slice by slice? if yes you can take a look at my MedEye3d.jl GitHub - jakubMitura14/MedEye3d.jl: Julia library for visualization and annotation medical images, specialized particularly for rapid development segmentation of 3 dimensional images like CT or PET/CT scans. Has full support of nuclear medicine Data.

No problem! It would be nice to use Makie’s volumeslices inside of a recipe that works with 3D grids or even unstructured meshes.