ImageFeatures.hough_circle_gradient example is broken

I really want to build something on the “find all circles in image” example seen near the bottom of this web-page: Function reference · ImageFeatures

Initially it worked with the provided image but gave rise to errors when supplied with a bigger tiff image (4 mb - not very big).
I then upgraded to Julia 1.8.1 and updated packages. Now the example with the provided image also did not work. Errors were of basically two kinds: bounds errors accessing index 0 in matrices. This obviously happened inside the functions and not in anything that I wrote (which so far is nothing - I only copy-paste from the example). Parameter list mismatch with the types expected by functions is another kind of error that I encountered.
If there are experienced users to whom it is obvious how to update the the example to work with the current Julia version, I would be most grateful for help to get there. And if there are bugs to report, I would like to know where and how to do that.

Thanks and best regards,

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I just tried the demo in 1.8 and it worked. Did you use a fresh package environment? You can hit ] to enter package mode, and then

(@v1.8) pkg> activate --temp
  Activating new project at `/tmp/jl_1zJfQy`

(jl_1zJfQy) pkg> add Images ImageFeatures

should give you a “clean” environment in which to run the demo. If it works there, but not in your default 1.8 environment, you might try updating your packages and/or resolving conflicts.

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Dear Tim,

Thanks for an ultra quick reply!

Alas, I really tried to avoid a pitfall of this nature by testing it 2 x 2 times: 1.6.2 and 1.8.1 on Linux and on Mac with identical results. But I will use the weekend to see if your solution will work for me.

Best regards,