IJulia graphics not rendering on different computer

If I create a jupyter notebook file on Computer A (Mac OSX; Julia 0.6.2; IJulia 1.8.0) with output that contains images (using Images) and plots (using Plots; gr();), I can’t seem to get the graphics to render when I open that same notebook file on Computer B (fedora; Julia 0.6.2; IJulia 1.8.0) and vice versa. That is to say, all of the text output displays as expected, but the images and plots are missing (NB: I’m not rerunning the notebook, I’m just re-opening a notebook that contains output).

When I look at the html of the jupyter notebook on Computer B, it seems to be missing the html for the images/plots. But when I view the notebook source code on Computer B, I can see that the image/plot code is still there. Furthermore, if I export the notebook on Computer B to HTML, all of the graphics are rendered and the notebook looks perfect.

I know that Computer B can render the images because I can create notebooks locally and they appear as expected. I can even re-open locally created notebooks on Computer B and have the graphics render properly. It just seems to be a problem with notebooks made on Computer A.

TL;DR Image and plot outputs created in a notebook on one computer do not render when opened on another computer. Any thoughts on what I’m missing?


Click the Trust notebook button at the top?


Yikes, I didn’t even realize this button existed. I feel simultaneously silly and glad it turned out to be something simple. Appreciate your help!

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To be fair, it’s pretty unobvious.