Identify function arguments that have been used

Hi all,

a simple question. Say I have a function as follows:

function f(a,b)
    return (a+b)

How can i find out, which values actually have been used as arguments? In the given example, I would like to find out (after the function has been called) which values have been considered for a and b.


I don’t think you can do this in general very easily. You could inspect the compiled form, but the compiler may perform optimizations (eg fold constants) which would provide misleading information.

If there is some context to the question (what you actually want to achieve), please share it, it may be possible to do something else.

Ok. Good to know, and thank you for the fast response.

There is nothing special about it. I just wanted to use this info for double-checking the arguments at the end (especially for the case when working with optional arguments).

Thank you