I want to make an hospital emergency department model in Julia

Hi everybody,

I’m super new to Julia and still don’t know how to get started.
I want to make a model that simulates an emergency department in a hospital. More specifically I want to show the patient assignment to free beds. For example: a new patient arrives at the hospital and has to be assigned to a free bed and an agent shall assign the patient to the best bed regarding the illness.

But I still don’t know which packages would be optimal for my project. I’ve looked into some packages and found agents.jl & reinforce.jl to fit best but I didn’t find an example that is similar to my project. Therefore I’m still struggling to get started.

For further understanding:
I want to compare 3 different approaches. The first approach should be a random assignment to a free bed. The second approach should use an intelligent heuristic e.g. if patient x has a specific illness, give him a specific bed and if not give him any other bed. And the third approach should be using Q-learning to optimize the bed-patient assignment problem.

Can anybody help me get started by giving me tips for packages that I should use? Or maybe someone knows of an example that I could look into?

I’m grateful for any help.


A shot in the dark:

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