I want to improve package how to do it

I am interested in number theory, including Egyptian fractions. Got interesting results on Julia for OEIS.
I found this package, but quite old (4 years) and author does not respond to issues. Package does not have an important type of these fractions (shortest length) and there is still room for improvement.

To begin with, I will certainly make a fork and work with this module on Github. But I would like to put out a new version to JuliaHub, somehow present it here. How to do this without violent copyright?
Can I simply write a new module and specify which one was used as the basis?

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That repo seems to have an MIT license, which is quite permissive. You can certainly fork / modify without violating any copyright. But that’s a legal perspective.

It sounds like you’re really more concerned with the social / community aspect of things, which is really great! But it sounds like you’re doing the right things - I would recommend first posting issues, offering to make PRs etc, but it sounds like you’ve done this and gotten no response.

If the package is registered in General and you want to take it over with the same name, that might be a bit trickier. I don’t know exactly what the policies are there, but I think with 4 years of no activity and the fact that you made an effort to reach out would be strong arguments.

You can certainly do this too (a new name and uuid) would be needed, but if personally argue that you should at least make the case to take over the existing one :person_shrugging:


It seems he is defiantly still around on GitHub. Is the issue opened 3 days ago yours? Then give him some time :slight_smile:
Besides that, sure you can fork it and start working on it; it might need some polishing anyways after these years, though the Project.toml at least states it is 1.0 compatible.


Oh, I didn’t notice that (I’m on mobile) - agree completely!