I get a warning when i use Upsample layer with AMDGPU

Hello guys

so i have this code

using Flux: Upsample noise = 0.5f0 + 0.001f0 .+ AMDGPU.randn(Float32, 32, 32, 1, 1) 
layer1 = Upsample(:bilinear, size=(64, 64, 1, 1)) |> gpu 

any reason for me getting this?

┌ Warning: Global hostcalls detected: [:malloc_hostcall].
│ Use `AMDGPU.synchronize(; stop_hostcalls=false)` to synchronize and stop them.
│ Otherwise, performance might degrade if they keep running in the background.
└ @ AMDGPU.Compiler ~/.julia/packages/AMDGPU/uAYeb/src/compiler/codegen.jl:186
64×64×1×1 ROCArray{Float32, 4, AMDGPU.Runtime.Mem.HIPBuffer}:

i use ubuntu and rocm 6.0.2. i dont know how to fix it. from what i understood it may be an issue in NNlib side