I cant understand the equations written in trixi

Hello, my professor gave me a problem to solve, and in order to solve the problem, I have to modify the compressible navier-strokes equation 2D that already in trixi documentation into fully compressible reactive unsteady 2D navier-strokes equation. I am very new to trixi and julia and even programming, I just learned trixi and julia last week from tutorials, I have been looking into the compressible navier strokes equation codes from yesterday, but until now I could not figure out how to modify the code for my own useage. Please help me someone in my issue. I am freaking out inside.

Which code are you talking about?

Trixi.jl/src/equations/compressible_navier_stokes_2d.jl at main · trixi-framework/Trixi.jl · GitHub

I have to modify this compressible navier strokes equation into fully compressible unsteady navier strokes equation.

Do you have a test case? I would always start with a simple test case.

And do you have a mathematical formulation of the “compressible unsteady navier strokes equation”?

Yes I have the mathematical formula of the fully compressible navier-strokes equation. And I have a test case also. I am attaching the mathematical formulation of the fully compressible unsteady navier strokes equation in this chat

I have to modify the equation based on this screenshot

It might be useful to look at the rendered documentation here:

You should see something that looks like this:

In particular, the first three equations seems to be implemented here:

thanks for the shared link, I need to modify the number three equation and have to add number 4 equation to make it fully compressible navier-stroke equation from compressible navier strokes equation. Can you help me to understand or share some documentation that can help me to understand how to add or modify the equation? It will be a big help. I am trying to figure out this from yesterday, but since I am very new to these I cant seems to understand anything, which is making me frustrated.

The equation that I have to modify and add I am sharing here

cc @sloede @ranocha

please help me, someone :frowning:

for more better understanding why I need to modify the equation, I am uploading the paper’s abstract which i am trying to solve in trixi, so that from abstract and governing equation anyone who will give their effort to help me can understand easily.
This is the governing equation

This is the abstract of the paper.


Based on what you describe, it looks like you need to write a new set of equations. We have several tutorials describing this process, e.g.,

Do you have any specific questions we hay help to answer?