I can not open julia's console



I run julia.exe then the screen shows " entry not found: ftime64s in msvrct.dll " in a window
I can not open julia’s console.

system: windows xp


I try julia1-5.0 and 1-6.0,the result is alike.


I thought support for Windows XP has been dropped, but it looks like it is still alive: http://julialang.org/downloads/platform.html


No, Julia 0.5 does not support Windows XP. It may be possible to write a patch that avoids this function and recompile, but several of our dependencies have also dropped XP support. You could also try Julia 0.4 which might still work.


If you tell me what Windows versions are supported, I can make a PR towards that link and https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/blob/master/README.windows.md.


Thanks, that’s very helpful of you. It looks like 0.5.0 does at least start on Vista, but it rarely gets tested there as far as I’m aware. Microsoft and some of our dependencies may drop support for Vista as well soon.


Which means Windows 7, 8 and 10?


#19768 and #481.