I am unable to add stdlib libraries

I activated a project of my own to modify the project.toml and manifest.toml files and then went back to activate .julia\environments\v1.1. When I try to add an stdlib that I haven’t load before hower, it returns an error that looks like:

(v1.1) pkg> add LightGraphs
  Updating registry at `C:\Users\Hasan\.julia\registries\General`
  Updating git-repo `https://github.com/JuliaRegistries/General.git`
 Resolving package versions...
ERROR: expected a `name` entry in project file at [own_project_address]\Project.toml`

How do I fix this?

Can you post the content of [own_project_address]\Project.toml?

Sure, sorry for the late reply

HTTP = "cd3eb016-35fb-5094-929b-558a96fad6f3"