I am trying to initialize a variable as `arr = Vector{Tuple{Float64, Vector{Float

I am trying to initialize a variable as arr = Vector{Tuple{Float64, Vector{Float64}}}() because I will grow it with push!
However, I would like to have more than that, the first type is fixed as Float64 but I want to have more than one Vector{Float64} , e.g. arr = Vector{Tuple{Float64, Vector{Float64}, Vector{Float64}}}() .
Is there a way to initialized my variable with N tuple elements of the same type? I don’t expect more than 5.

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Answer from Slack by @mcabbott:

Tuple{Int, Tuple{(Vector{Int} for _ in 1:3)...}}` or maybe better `Tuple{Int, Tuple{ntuple(_ -> Vector{Int}, 3)...}}

This is what I used in the end:

N = 3
arr = Vector{Tuple{Float64, (Vector{Float64} for _ in 1:N)...}}()