Http:// domain seems to have expired?



Dear JuliaStats team,

I just wanted to let you know that it seems the domain name seems to have expired:

And now it redirects to some random page.

  • Is there somewhere I can donate to help get a hold of this name again?
  • Or are you dropping this name (in this case we should change some links)?
  • Perhaps a configuration issue?

Here it says it should expire on 2018-11-09:


Domains/Statistics not working

Thanks for signalling this. I have no idea who owned that domain name. I’m afraid it’s been “stolen” (bought to take it from us in order to show ads) by a spammer.

Anyway, I’m not even sure we use it somewhere. Do you know of place which points to this URL?


Yes, this was reported by a user KadeG on Gitter, I see in the GitHub Organization URL:

We should probably watch out for others.



I have created a PR to rename a URL referene I found in the Julia page:


If anyone owns and Julia ecosystem domains and doesn’t want to keep paying for them, PLEASE contact @ararslan or myself and we can arrange for NumFocus to maintain the domain. This is really unfortunate that the domain is now squatted on by a spammer.


@nalimilan could you or someone in the JuliaStats org, please change the URL listed in the JuliaStats GihHub page?

Please see the image above.


Not sure who owned that domain, but there is usually a grace period after registration lapses to get the domain back.


I’ve fixed the URL given on GitHub. Unfortunately, I don’t know who used to own the domain, but if NumFocus is willing to buy it again we could contact Dahua Lin or John Myles White to find it out.


It’s not the greatest domain name… (Abbreviated, ambiguous ‘hyphenating’ possibilities…).

Why not:

which all seem to be available, at present.