How to use `solve_for()` from `Symbolics.jl`?

using Symbolics, Latexify
@variables R Y X_2 H_1 G_1 X_1 G_2 H_2 G_4 G_3 F
Symbolics.solve_for([(R - Y - X_2 * H_1) * G_1 ~ X_1,(X_1 - H_2 * Y) * G_2 ~ X_2,X_2 * G_3 + X_1 * G_4 + F ~ Y],[X_1,X_2,Y])

I tried to use the solve_for() to solve a linear equation set but after running it for 10 mins, it still haven’t give me the result. I am really confused. Is there something wrong with my code or a bug of Symbolics.jl.