How to use one DrWatson project in another DrWatson project?

I love DrWatson, and I use it whenever I start a new project.
I have some project (all it project_A) which I also made a module (as insturcted in the documentation : Real World Examples · DrWatson).
Now I have another project (call it project_B), and I want to use project_A within it.
What is the best way to do that?

Probably, I would need to make project_A a module that is available for using, but I am not sure how to do that. Or maybe, these is some other thing that is more suited for DrWatson.

In julia, you can always add a package using a path via add or dev.
Then the Manifest of project_B would contain a link to project_A along with (hopefully) a git sha.

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I am trying to follow this, but it seem like to do add, the project needs a UUID.
How should I add this?

This is what I get:

(Project_B) pkg> add "~/path/to/Project_A"
     Cloning git-repo `~/path/to/Project_A`
    Updating git-repo `~/path/to/Project_A`
ERROR: expected a `uuid` entry in project file at `/var/folders/kk/vlpp4r6n1_n9r674syy04q6c0000gp/T/jl_3Aw8SO/Project.toml`

hm, then I don’t know. (have you tried generating a uuid for that package?)
Maybe the Pkg docs 1. Introduction · Pkg.jl
can help. This has fairly little to do with DrWatson at this point.

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I took a look at the docs of Pkg, but I didn’t read everything yet. There is a lot of information there, so it’s not so easy to understand how one should create his own UUID. I guess it’s something that usually is done automatically when one is generating a package.

I ended up just creating a package and now I use it in my DrWatson project.
Probably this is the proper way to do that.

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