How to use matplotlib in julia? without using python backend?

How i can use matplotlib graph plotting tool with julia native without using any python backend? please help me out…

Matplotlib is written in Python, there is no way to run it without Python.

…but maybe there is some other misunderstanding? Do you maybe mean “How to create a plot in Julia without a Python backend?”?
In this case, you can try PGFPlotsX, or Plots.jl with different backends (GR, plotly, …), there is also Makie.jl


Most of the plotting libraries apart from a few (Makie notably) call some backend in another language such as GR, Matplotlib, PGF, Gnuplot, VegaLite, Plotly, but why would that be an issue if they work well and the overhead of calling an external lib from Julia is limited?
Also just to make sure, PyPlot.jl does not require you to write any python code, it calls python code for you but you can pass Julia objects to it. It might be obvious to you but I’m not sure.

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