How to use Markdown reference links with Documenter.jl

I usually use Markdown reference links quite often in Markdown files for documentation, e.g. to write:

CellArrays relies on [StaticArrays.jl], [Adapt.jl] and the Julia GPU packages [CUDA.jl] and [AMDGPU.jl]. [StaticArrays.jl] is required ....

Then, I have the reference links a single time, nicely grouped and easy updatable at the end of the document:


With Documentor.jl these reference links are however not expanded. Does anybody have a solution for this?


The Julia Markdown parser unfortunately does not support reference links and so they’re unavailable with Documenter (essentially, it’s not valid/meaningful Julia Flavored Markdown). I do hope to get CommonMark support into Documenter at some point, which does support them.

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Do you think a patch to Julia flavoured markdown that implements this would be accepted?
It already has similar (and very nice) footnote syntax.