How to use Logging.jl?

Hi all,

We have an optimization model, which I can run successfully in my local computer and my HPC cluster account. My colleague in our research group recently installed Gurobi, Julia, and JuMP in his HPC cluster account. He was unsuccessful to run the model on the cluster. Here is the last part of his log:

I do not know what the segmentation fault means. Since I can run the same model with the same input data on my cluster but my colleague can not run, I think this error is related to the differences in package versions. I would like to use Logging.jl to see detailed errors messages, and hopefully to understand whether this error is related to JuMP, Gurobi, or Julia. The problem is that I could not figure out how to use Logging.jl. Here is my Run.jl file:

As you can see, I am using @error in front of ExpansionModel.jl. I imagine that this is supposed to list all errors in details with stack trace, but it does not. I also used @info, but it does not show anything either.

Could you please help me regarding how to use Logging.jl? I can provide more details if you want.

Kind regards