How to use julia module as libary from Python?

Hello, I have my own machine learning library done using Julia language.

I want my clients to use my machine learning library using Python 3.x

That is, my clients want to executes Python 3.x and import my machine learning library
and my clients don’t install Julia in their PC system. That is, there are no Julia installed in my clients’ desktop PC.

I heard, there is some way to compile my module(or Julia package) as .so library(binary) using C compiler and Python can import that compiled .so library,

Could you please tell me in detail how to do these steps??

Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

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The easiest and most flexible way to integrate Julia into Python is PyJulia, but this requires a Julia installation. Note that installing Julia is possible without admin rights, but depending on the IT setup at your client it may still not be possible.
For generation of libraries you could use PackageCompiler.jl, but I do not have experience with it yet by myself.

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Dear lungben:
Thank you for your comment
I think I want to create .so binary for my clients

Have a nice day!