How to use github & friends tools for package development in late 2020

I recall some weeks ago to have quickly read some topic, and having received some emails, dealing with some change of policy for some of the tools we use in package development (something related to cron).

Now, I somehow managed to use the tools that I will detail below in my packages, but I never really fully went into how things work in these packages. I feel that going to these tools in deeps takes longer than learning Julia itself :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Which of the following tools/services are affected and what should I implement to get them working ? Is there any β€œnew” template/tutorial available to use them ?

  • Travis CI: For automatic testing the package at each commit and start CodeCov and Documentation
  • CodeCov: To find the lines of codes covered by the above testing step
  • JuliaRegistrator: To register or update the package in the Julia register
  • TagBot: To create a tag/release back to the github repository
  • CompactHelper: To update the package dependency file when some dependent package get a new version
  • GitHub Actions: For actual building of the documentation

Ok I manager to find back that the problem is with GitHub disabling the workflow of repositories that has not been touched for 2 months, and it sends an email to warm about it with a link to avoid that (for other 2 months).
In my case it impacts CompactHelper and TagBot.

EDIT: I found this for TagBot, but what about CompactHelper ?