How to use/add local temporary dependencies?

I am creating a package in Julia. For that package environment, I have also ] added the Revise and OhMyREPL packages, for convenience.

However, when I upload my package to the general registry, I don’t really want to keep these as strict dependencies (i hope). So, how can I make it so that they are used when I am working/developing the package locally, but doesn’t get added to the Project.toml for when I register my package.

Should I remove them before committing, or keep them there, or is there another solution to this?
Also, I have created my package in an arbitrary folder. Should I create it somewhere in ~/.julia, is that necessary?

The standard solution is to have development tools in your global environment, which by default stacks with your package environment.

It doesn’t matter where you have placed your package on your local disk.