How to update packages under development to the latest commit?

how to update packages under development to the latest commit in Julia REPL without using git?

I was expecting that the '] update` will work but it did not?!

I don’t think Pkg will ever touch packages in the .julia/dev directory. But if you just want the latest updates, without developing a package, you can do:

]add PackageName#master

The Pkg docs say “When updating packages, we will pull updates from that branch.”


Your question is perhaps ambiguous.

Are you asking: You have a package used with pkg> dev MyPackageSpec. How do I update this without restarting the REPL as its code changes (because you edit it)?
The answer to that question would be REVISE.jl.

Or are you asking: You have deved a package using its git url. How do I update it when it gets changed on github?
The answer to that question is: pull a new version from github “by hand.” Julia tracks the changes in the local directory automatically. See Pkg docs.

Note that the package manager will never touch any of the files at a tracked path. It is therefore up to you to pull updates, change branches etc.


This very helpful. I will use

]add PackageName#master
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