How to turn off minor tick labels in PlotlyJS.jl


I am trying to figure out how to turn off the minor tick labels in PlotlJS as they are too crowded and overlapping for log scale axes.

I could not find anything here: layout.xaxis | Julia | Plotly


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Based on this discussion on the plotly forum on the same subject it doesn’t seem you can disable just the minor ticks via a flag or something like that at the moment.

Your only option (which is definitely sub-optimal) is to manually provide the ticks to sue usin layout.yaxis.tickvals like in the forum example

Edit: Seems there is also another alternative if you don’t care removing the grid lines as well here

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Thank you! I had seen the first discussion but not the second. dticks = 1 does get rid of the minor ticks but I was hoping that there might be a way to keep the minor ticks while just turning off their labels.