How to submit an issue to dependent packages to alert to a breaking change

I recently tagged a breaking change to the Polynomials package. The change is modest, and will likely only be noticed by packages that subtype the abstract polynomial types, but there are numerous dependent packages, so certainly some will be impacted. I’d like to post an issue for each repository alerting the package owners of a change. Is there some automated means to do so?

There is a script in Tables.jl which searches for all packages, that uses it Tables.jl/find_integrations.jl at main · JuliaData/Tables.jl · GitHub

Probably you can adapt it to find registered packages, which uses Polynomials. As for contacting, I guess it is possible to make a script which opens an issue.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll update Controlsystems.jl :blush:

Thanks for the tip!