How to specify type of array keyword argument with default empty array?

Hello, I would like to write the following function:

function ods_readall(filename::String;sheetsNames=[],sheetsPos[],ranges=[],innerType="Matrix")

and I would like to specify that filename must be a String, sheetNames (when given) an Array{String,1}, sheetsPos (when given) an Array{Int64,1}, range (when given) an Array{Tuple{Tuple{Int64,Int64},Tuple{Int64,Int64}},1} and finally innerType (when given) a String

The problem is with the arrays. If, for example, I specify the sheetNames::Array{String,1}= and I use the function with sheetsNames, all fine.
But if I then call it using instead sheetsPos I got a no method matching error.

So, how to type-define array optional arguments ?

It’s not specific to optional argument. To create an empty array of certain eltype T, use T[].

Note that if this is an public function, you should not specify the type parameters to be this restricted. You should use abstract types instead (at least AbstractVector and AbstractString).

Thank you for the quick answer.
I do not understand however:
(a) why Array{String,1} and Array{Int64,1} would be too restrictive ?
(b) which is the syntax to apply to array-type optional arguments with null value by default ?
if I use function ods_readall(...,sheetsNames::AbstractVector[],sheetsPos::AbstractVector[],...) it doesn’t even compile…

Ok, I got the syntax: sheetsNames::Array{String,1}=String[] sorry, I got dumb…
But still (a) remains…

It’ll prevent people from using it on other types that would have worked. E.g. a SubArray or a SubString cannot be accepted if the function can only accept Array or String.