How to solve problem with TOML.jl?

Was it fixed on the other repo then? If so, you can clone that one and use that UUID instead. Working with unregistered packages is fine, you only need to look up the UUID in environments/v0.7/Manifest.toml

That sounds good and it would be really interesting what one has to do exactly. Most information here on discourse say that we should not yet use Manifest.toml / Project.toml but REQUIRE. Can one use both at the same time? All this is not clear.

Yes, both can be used simultaneously. I dont know about the advice given here, but I have been using Project.toml for unregistered packages successfully already.

Could you please give be an example how to achieve this? I am still struggling getting a chain of 5 unregistered packages to work. The situation is that I have packages A and B both unregistered and I have added the dependency A into the REQUIRE of A. How do I port them to Manifest/Project? What I want at the end is that when I install B that it should also install A. Currently I have to “dev” them all in the correct order to get anything work.

My workflow also requires me to dev the required packages, since an unregistered package cannot be automatically cloned. The only way to resolve this would be to register it, as far as I currently know. Perhaps, the Project.toml file could be including information about github repositories, so that they unregistered dependencies can autoamtically be cloned also? @StefanKarpinski @kristoffer.carlsson

What I do is this: if I have unregistered package A, I dev it into the package manager. I make sure that there is a Project.toml there. then I also dev into the B unregistered package that has A as dependency. Then I check in ~/.julia/environments/x.y/Manifest.toml to find the UUID of A and add it to the Project.toml of B under [deps]. Be sure to run Pkg.resolve() after also.


I realize this thread is old, but it appears that the recent transition to the new registration process (thank you!!) now mean that @wildart 's version of TOML.jl can be registered. Is that right? Can this happen?



Since this thread comes up when googling TOML julia. Note that in 1.6 there is a TOML standard library that can be used (independently of Pkg).