How to setup a Julia project to load modules depending on input and debug in vscode

Hi All,

I am new to Julia and trying to setup a project structure in a way so that I can debug using vscode.
My project structure looks like this:

├── Shared
│   ├── Project.toml
│   └── src
│       └── Shared.jl
├── Modules
│   └── Module_1
│       └── Module_1.jl
│      ├── Project.toml
│   └── Module_2
│       └── Module_2.jl
│      ├── Project.toml
├── main.jl
└── Project.toml

I would like to load a module in main.jl depending on input from user. I know that this can be done using include easily but then vscode does hit breakpoints in included files. Is there are way to load modules during runtime depending on user input so that I could debug in those files?

Not sure I understand your problem exactly, but maybe GitHub - JuliaPackaging/Requires.jl: Lazy code loading for Julia can help?