How to set the size of images display in Plots window

I’m doing some working with images using the Images package, and when larger images are displayed they are scaled smaller than the actual size. How do I change this?

img = Gray.(rand(1200,1200))

The following code using Plots’ gr() backend displays images that are proportionally scaled in subplots.

using Images, Plots; gr(titlefontsize=16)

plt = Array{Plots.Plot{Plots.GRBackend}}(undef,3)
img1 = Gray.(rand(600,600))
img2 = Gray.(rand(150,300))
img3 = Gray.(rand(300,1200))
plt[1] = plot(img1, title="600x600");
plt[2] = plot(img2, title="150x300");
plt[3] = plot(img3, title="300x1200");
h1, w1 = size(img1);    h2, w2 = size(img2);    h3, w3 = size(img3)
h = [h1,h2,h3];  w = [w1,w2,w3]
hs, ws = sum(h), sum(w)
hn = h/hs;   wn = w/ws   # to use with grid heights and/or widths
Plots.plot(plt..., layout = grid(1, 3, widths=wn), axis=nothing) # images scaled in subplots

For plotting individual images with correct relative sizes:

Plots.plot(img1, size=(w1,h1))
Plots.plot(img2, size=(w2,h2))
Plots.plot(img3, size=(w3,h3))

Or use ImageView.jl:

using Images, ImageView