How to set series as NOT selected in Plotly interactive HTML


I am using Plotly as the backend to generate line chart, and save the chart as html file.
There are several series/lines in the chart. And I would like to show just part of them as the default.

How can I set up the status of some series/lines as hided (NOT selected) in the output html file, and click them to show.
For time being, all series/lines are shown when the html file is opened.

Thanks for help.

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On the plotly library side, this is the parameter you have to use to select whether a scatter trace is visible or not by default, with the parameter set to "legendonly" for your intended behavior.

This can be easily done directly with PlotlyJS or PlotlyBase, but with Plots.jl I am not sure whether the package implements a way to set that option of the plotly backend.

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Thanks for your help. I will try this :slight_smile: