How to set julia startup options in Jupyter notebook?



Are there Julia commands or environment settings that I can put at the top of a notebook (.ipynb) file, or put in .juliarc.jl, to get the same effect as launching julia from the command line with various option switches?

For example, I would sometimes like to do

 $ julia -O3


$ julia -g


$ julia -p 1

etc., but run in the jupyter-notebook environment rather than in a terminal.

Sorry if this has already been answered. I did search this forum, the docs, and Google, but haven’t found an answer yet. (I cross-posted this question as an issue on the jupyter/help github page.)


This surely isn’t the answer that you’re looking for, but I thought I’d mention that using Literate.jl together with Revise.jl is a great alternative to Jupyter notebooks (and it would be obvious how to do what you’re asking, because you could just do exactly what you already said).




Thanks for the quick answer!