How to scale the density of violin plot

I would like to use a violin plot to display density information. For the x-axis, the scaling matters. However, only the shape of the densities matter. How can I rescale the densities to prevent occlusion?

Here is a simple example:

using StatsPlots
violin(repeat([.1,.2,.3],outer=100),randn(300), side=:right)


It seems to help to use groupedviolin instead

groupedviolin(repeat([.1,.2,.3],outer=100),randn(300), side=:right, fillalpha=0.25)


Code here:

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Thank you. That does help quite a bit in many cases. It does break down when the spacing is variable:

groupedviolin(repeat([.1,.15,.5],outer=100),randn(3000)*.1, side=:right, fillalpha=0.25)


I noticed the keyword spacing in the linked function, but it did not seem to have an effect on the space.

Somewhat related question: is it possible to use fillalpha between quantiles, such as at .025 and .975?