How to save variables from the workspace?

Hi everyone, I am more or less new to Julia, having used some of the earlier versions in the past. I am now using 0.6.4 for a new project. In the past, I used the JLD package to save variables from the workspace so I can reuse/reload them later. I haven’t been able to successfully use it in the latest version though: I keep running into “isgeneric not defined” problems. I have also noticed the package has not been updated in several months. What is the go to package/method to save/load variables while preserving their formats? Thanks!

You could try JLD2.jl (its successor) or BSON.jl.


Thank you, I did not know about JLD2, seems to work well for what I want. Are there any advantages in using BSON instead?

I don’t know of any advantages of either. (Last time I check both struggled with closures.)