How to save Conda path change permanently?

I am using some Python packages, such as numpy. I am calling it in Julia using PyCall.

Two things seems suboptimal and I cannot figure out how to solve it:

  1. The Python packages are not found and do not get imported due to a PyCall error, unless I run this piece of code every time I start a REPL:

    using Conda
    ENV["PATH"] = Conda.bin_dir(Conda.ROOTENV) * ";" * ENV["PATH"]

    this is already annoying, but then, it leads to 2.:

  2. When I use Juno, I can debug using the Juno.@enter my_method(foo, bar) way after I have started a REPL and loaded some variables in the Workspace, and especially after running the ENV["PATH"] command mentioned above.

    Nevertheless, I have been aware that now VSCode is preferred as an IDE, and I am trying it. I find it indeed more responsive, and somewhat faster.

    Then from what I understand there are two default debuggers: Julia’s default one (I don’t know its name, but the one you get by using @enter), and VSCode’s one which seems like a nice GUI.

    The problem is that if I try using VSCode’s one which seems nicer because it seems to work on scripts and not just functions like the @enter method, I get a PyCall error, which is the same as when I try to run my code without running the ENV["PATH"] command mentioned above.
    So it seems like it’s switching to another REPL or something of the like where it does not take into account my changes.

    Which is why I’m wondering if there is a way to make my ENV["PATH"] command permanent (unless there is another way to solve this). I already tried to run"Conda")and"PyCall") after running it, but has no effect on my problem.

    Finally let me mention that, if in VSCode I use the @enter method, then it works, which seems logical (even though it doesn’t behave exactly the same at Juno.@enter's one, but that’s another topic maybe).