How to retrieve a thread created by myself?


Occasionally, I found threads/topics created by myself are no longer useful. Is there a way to remove them completely? Thanks!!




You can get your own posts going through the settings, eg.

I doubt you can delete a topic unless you’re a moderator. I wouldn’t sweat it - if your topic is useless, it’ll be quickly forgotten by Google.


What do you mean by “get posts going through the settings”? Can you elaborate?


Top right corner of the page, your user icon -> gear icon -> Activity->Topics:



Do you mean that I can view all my past topics/threads by navigating to Activity? If this is what meant, thanks for reminding me this! But I guess it has nothing to do with deletion of a thread, right?


Deleting threads is frowned upon even if they are apparently “useless”. If there is now a solution to the question, it is better to add that as another post in the thread.


Also discourse is immutable (posts can only be edited for a short while) to preserve the discussion and prevent that later changes remove the context of the discussion. Only mods/admins can delete/hide a thread.

I can only echo @dpsanders comment. It is best to add a solution or a explanation why a thread is useless so that other people can benefit from what you learned.


Thanks for the explanation. I get the point.