How to restart CI github checks after adding a commit to JuliLang/julia?

I use Code - OSS with extension “GitHub Pull Requests and Issues”.
First, I pushed 3 commits to my Julia fork and then opened a pull request to JuliaLang/julia.
Then CI started and 17 checks were positive, except buildbot/tester_linux32.
After this, I made a change in my code and did a commit and push.
This commit was added to my pull request at JuliaLang/julia with no additional efforts.
The status is “This branch has no conflicts with the base branch”, but there was no CI run for this new commit.
To restart the checks I tried to close and reopen the pull request, but this did not help.
Any suggestion what to do?

Buildbots seem to be down.

Thanks. I tried again and now all tests are ok! :slight_smile:

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