How to remove the zticks of a 3D plot?

I want to remove the zticks of a 3D plot, and I found an option zticksvisible of Axis3 in the manual [here] but it doesn’t work. It only removes the tick marks but the numbers still there. Codes and results are as follow

using CairoMakie
z=broadcast((x,y)->cos(x)*sin(y), x, x')
fig,_,_=surface(x,x,z; axis=(;type=Axis3))
surface(fig[1,2],x,x,z; axis=(;type=Axis3, zticksvisible=false))

how to fix it?

There’s also zticklabelsvisible

I read that section many times and tried zlabelvisible, zticksvisible, zgridvisible…, but still missed the correct one :joy:, thanks a lot!