How to remove edge lines when drawing a triangle mesh with Makie?

Briefly if I run

using CairoMakie, Makie, DelaunayTriangulation, GeometryBasics

P = 

boundary_nodes, points = convert_boundary_points_to_indices(P)

tri = DelaunayTriangulation.triangulate(points)

refine!(tri; max_area=0.1e-2get_total_area(tri))

pts = [Point(val[1], val[2]) for val in tri.points]
fcs = [TriangleFace(val[1], val[2], val[3]) for val in tri.triangles]

msh = GeometryBasics.Mesh(pts, fcs)


the mesh also includes the edge lines from the triangle mesh.

How do I get rid of them ? I only want a smooth surface please.