How to remove and change the default project

I installed JuliaPro with version 1.1.0. (on Windows). After opening Atom and starting Julia in the REPL I switch to the pkg-mode. What I see is the prompt:

(ProjA) pkg>

Now the issue is that “ProjA” does not exist anymore (nor any directory with this name). I do not know where this reference to “ProjA” comes from and I want to get rid of it. I tried several things without success.

What I want is that the name of the current project-folder which is “ProjB.jl” with path “C:\Users\Home\Projects\ProjB.jl” becomes the default project for Julia and that the ghost-project
“ProjA” is eliminated forever.

How to proceed?

(P.S.: What I would wish for is a mechanism like it exists for other programming environments: Just to click on the file Project.toml and Juno opens this project and sets it up as the default project. Or can this be installed easily?)

The solution:

There is an environment variable JULIA_PROJECT which was the path to ProjA. But it was not an existing path!

I suggest that anyone who uses this variable (like JuliaPro or VSCode) first checks if it points to something existing and ignores it otherwise! This is currently not the case.