How to read tuples with JSON3?

I am new to JSON3.jl and trying to do the following

julia> using JSON3

julia> tup = (:car,"Mercedes","S500",5,250.1)
(:car, "Mercedes", "S500", 5, 250.1)

julia> json = JSON3.write(tup)

I know I can do this:

d =,Tuple{Symbol,String,String,Int64,Float64})
ERROR: MethodError: Cannot `convert` an object of type String to an object of type Symbol

But I get an error reading the object of type symbol

I think the reason is that to get Symbol from String one needs Meta.parse instead of convert. So it could be a bug somewhere.

For the time being you could add the conversion:

using JSON3
Base.convert(::Type{Symbol}, s::String) = Meta.parse(s)


julia>, tuptype)
(:car, "Mercedes", "S500", 5, 250.1)

julia> tup = (:car,"Mercedes","S500",5,250.1)
(:car, "Mercedes", "S500", 5, 250.1)

julia> tuptype = typeof(tup)

julia> tupjson = JSON3.write(tup)

julia>, tuptype)
(:car, "Mercedes", "S500", 5, 250.1)
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I raised this issue


This is mainly because JSON3 doesn’t have specialized support for Tuples yet. It supports them via a general “array” interface, but the general array interface assumes the container will have a single eltype when reading. In this case, your tuple type is not homogenous, so each element is just parsed generally, then it tries to convert at the end, as opposed to using the types of each element of your tuple and parsing the types specifically. I don’t think it’d be too hard to add support for this though, since tuples can be a really useful way to bundle a couple things together.


Just FYI, just merged support for reading heterogenously-typed tuples in JSON3.jl:


Would you make a new release?