How to qualify operators like *, + , etc

This should be an easy one, I am trying to run this code

import Measurements as M
import MonteCarloMeasurements as MCM
using Measurements
using MonteCarloMeasurements

n = 100
x = rand(n,5)
e = rand(n,5)/100

using BenchmarkTools, Statistics
@benchmark cov(x) .- cov(x .M.± e)
@benchmark cov(x) .- cov(x .MCM.± e)

and I have this error

ERROR: syntax: space before "." not allowed in "x ."

I have tried a few combinations like .M(.±) with no luck. How should we qualify something like x .± e?

M.:± should work. You can’t use that as an infix operator though, so you will have to call it as M.:±.(x, e).


Great! Thanks @simeonschaub !