How to print string with assigned variable and an "!" character?

I tried a simple code with julia:

x = readline()
print(String(“Hello, $x!”))

and Julia took the variable as “x!”, instead of “x”.
But, it was just fine when I changed the “!” with “.”

Is “!” a special character or else?

I need some explanation. Thank you!

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julia> x = 3; print(String("Hello, $(x)!"))
Hello, 3!

Nothing special about the ! in this context. It is just that x! is a valid variable name.


Oh okay, that works . Thank you very much!

Thank you for the answer. I didn’t know if Julia accept such “!” character as a valid variable, unlike Python.

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you can see a lot of functions has ! in them, such as push!, to hint an in-place operation or side-effect (non-pure).

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Perfect. But just to complement, it is worth mentioning that a valid function name is also a valid variable name. So what is seen in function names can also be seen in variable names.