How to Print/Parse a TimePeriod with a Specific Format?


I want to parse and print durations in the format "HH:MM:SS.sss". Parsing seems to be pretty simple. if I do for example

julia> str = "1:02:23.234"
julia> t = Time(str)

this seems to work just fine. However, this is not a TimePeriod but a time.

If I want to go the other way and print TimePeriods in that format I’m running into problems:

julia> Dates.format(Time(Second(32)), "HH:MM:SS.sss")

works fine but

julia> Dates.format(Time(Second(432)), "HH:MM:SS.sss")
ERROR: ArgumentError: Second: 432 out of range (0:59)

throws an error. Dates.format does not take TimePeriods for an argument:

julia> Dates.format(Second(432), "HH:MM:SS.sss")
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching format(::Second, ::String)

Working with CompoundPeriods also does not work:

julia> d = Minute(2) + Second(10)
2 minutes, 10 seconds

julia> Dates.format(Time(d), "HH:MM:SS.sss")
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching Int64(::Dates.CompoundPeriod)

Does anyone know if there’s a built in way to print my duration in the desired format, is there any package that deals with this, or do I have to write a custom function?

You can use Time(0) + Second(…) instead of Time(Second(…)):

julia> Time(0) + Second(432)

julia> Dates.format(Time(0) + Second(432), "HH:MM:SS.sss")
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That’s it! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually, using the CompoundPeriods package it does:

using Dates, CompoundPeriods
d = Minute(2) + Second(10)
Dates.format(Time(d), "HH:MM:SS.sss")